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Outline: LBQ-Talk-Outline_17-18-July-2020

Do you need religion to be good?

With our family values, moral education, codes of conduct, and the legal system, we expect people to understand and be committed to what is good.
But consider our constant disagreements, the unwillingness to do what is good, and even our deepest regrets. The things we uphold to help each other be good, do not always work. Would it surprise you then, that God does not say that religion is the solution? And if religion is not the answer, what then do we need to be good?
Join us at LBQ 2020 as we think about some of this question!

Outline: LBQ-Talk-Outline_10-11-July-2020

How can you believe in a God you can’t see?

If a Christian today has never seen God in person, what makes their belief in this God any different from say, a belief in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus? Are there good, objective reasons to believe in a God one has not personally seen?
Join us at LBQ 2020 as we think about this question!


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