Services Opportunities

Introducing our Sunday Service Hospitality team

Serving the Lord is a privilege and also helps us discover our spiritual gifts. In BA, we thrive on the voluntary service and contribution by lay members working closely with the leaders of the church. If you’re regularly attending our Sunday Worship Services and CCG (Community Care Group)/Saturday Night Life (Young adults)/SEED (Youth) meetings, we welcome you to explore the various opportunities for service by contacting the ministry leaders of the respective ministries below:

1. Sunday Service Teams
2. Worship & Music Ministry
3. Ladies’ Committee
4. The Planters Fellowship (Seniors)
5. Community Care Groups (CCGs)
6. Saturday Night Life (SNL)
7. SEED (Youth)
8. Bukit Arang New Generation (BANG)
& many more…

SOME of the service opportunities are…

Sunday Service Teams

Our Sunday Service teams play an essential role in the smooth running of our Sunday services. Ushers, Stewards, and Carpark Marshals are also our front-line ministers. They represent the church in a very visible way and help set the tone for the worship service. They have a very important role as Bukit Arang moves towards becoming a more welcoming church.

Worship & Music Ministry

The Worship and Music Ministry (“WAMM”) oversees and facilitates the promotion of worship and service through music in BCBA. WAMM comprises Worship, PA/AV, Choir, Singing Groups etc.

Ladies’ Committee

The Ladies’ Committee at BCBA assumes a supportive role in ministering to the needs and concerns of the ladies in church and aligns its goals with the direction set by the church leadership. The Committee focuses on three key areas: hospitality and refreshments, prayer and befriending support to church members and visitors, and community outreach through specially designed programs for ladies residing in the BCBA vicinity. The Committee also organises the biennial Ladies’ Retreat, maintains the Ladies’ Support System (where ladies support one another in various situations), and coordinates floral arrangements for weekly church services.