Bukit Arang regathers Join us!

Bukit Arang re-gathers for 930am Church

God’s ultimate plan, which we see in Revelation 21-22, is for his people to be restored and gathered around King Jesus. That’s what we’re looking forward to and that’s what our physical gatherings now are a foretaste of: Real people in a real place gathered around a real King.

We are excited to be able to start meeting together again in person from 11 October at 930am.

Our weekly services will also continue to be online with live-stream on YouTube for those joining us from home.

We encourage you to join the stream 5-10 minutes beforehand to test your connection/device/browser.

A playback video will be available after the service on Sunday till Thursday 10am.

Registration is required for the 100 pax on-site service.

To assist with contact tracing and organisation, ALL participants must register through EventBrite. This includes ALL children you intend to bring to this gathering. We require ALL attendees to provide their contact details during registration. We will have to turn you away if you show up unregistered.

As far as possible, we want to encourage small groups to attend physical church and meet for lunch after the service! A roster showing you when your small group should attend physical church has been created.

Registration for small groups will be weekly from Sunday 3pm to Wednesday 5pm. An EventBrite registration link will be issued weekly to the rostered small groups. Please note that rostered members are still required to register for service. 

Subsequently, registration will be open to anyone from Wednesday 5pm to Friday at 1159pm. The EventBrite registration link will be issued to ALL small groups and other members of the church, newcomers and guest via Whatsapp and through our website, Facebook and Instagram.

To assist you with registration on EventBrite, here’s a short demo video that you can view on how to book your tickets.

When you arrive for Sunday service.

We ask that you arrive up to 15-30 minutes earlier (9AM) to check-in and comfortably be seated in the main hall. Please only enter through the Cluster lanes (A or B) based on your e-ticket. When you enter the church, you will need to perform SafeEntry and temperature scanning. Our hosts will also check you in upon entry so please have your EventBrite e-ticket or printed ticket ready with you. 

ALL attendees must wear masks during our service AND maintain 1m safe distance between groups during service there can be no intermingling between the two clusters nor between the groups of 5. If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home. Our ushers will lovingly ask for you to leave the premises if you are displaying any COVID symptoms upon arrival.

We are a loving church and would normally greet each other physically, but during this period, we ask that you:
– Avoid any physical contact including shaking of hands and hugging
– Greet each other warmly with a wave or smile.

– Cough or sneeze away from people, and into your arms

We are excited to welcome kids! Child-minding and Creche both available.

As we open up our church for partial return, we are also excited to welcome our children back!

There will be child-minding for kids aged from 5-12 years old and creche for kids below 4 years. Every child MUST register WITH their parents via EventBrite and select the Cluster B section. 

During the service, our teachers will be broadcasting the kids talk from the main service. In addition, our teachers will organise simple games followed by simple worksheets for lessons all in groups of 5. Print outs and craft materials will be supplied by our teachers and separated for the groups. As no toys will be provided, we ask that parents consider packing in your child’s favourite toy. Children are encouraged to bring their own water bottles as no food or drink will be provided during the service time.

Upon arrival, parents do drop your kids off at the area near the baptism pool before you head to the main hall. One of the teachers will assist to bring your child to N5. Creche will be at N4.

If your child is displaying any COVID19 symptoms, please stay at home.

Online Giving

More Questions? Here’s some answers for you.

1. Why can’t I just stay home to watch the online church service as before?​

God’s ultimate plan, which we see in Revelation 21-22, is for his people to be restored and gathered around King Jesus. That’s what we’re looking forward to and that’s what our physical gatherings now are a foretaste of: Real people in a real place gathered around a real King.

When we gather together as Christians today, we’re essentially doing 2 things: First, we glorify King Jesus together. We praise him together. We listen to his Word together. Second, we build one another up as a community. We spur one another on to keep on living for King Jesus as we press forward to that Day.

In short, we believe a physical gathering not only better reflects that future Revelation 21-22 gathering….it’s also God’s way of encouraging us to keep going together as a community till we get to the end!

2.Why are we meeting physically in 100 pax even though we can’t sing or mingle in large groups? ​

While we may not be able to sing and mingle in large groups, there is the opportunity to encourage others and be encouraged in return by our corporate commitment to glorify God together. We also want to encourage those attending to make full use of the post-service time to lunch together with their small group so that mutual building up can happen!

3. Who should attend the physical church?​

We want to encourage everyone to come! We have also assembled a roster for different small groups to attend.

4. Why do I need to RSVP and have a ticket to attend church?

To be aligned to COVID safety measures and contact tracing, everyone who is on-site at church must register. We may have to lovingly turn you away if you are not registered and if we do not have enough capacity.

5. Can I cancel the RSVP last minute if something crops up? ​

That’s not a problem at all. Please Whatsapp 84219074 to cancel your RSVP so that we can offer your ticket to someone else!

6. What should I do if I’m feeling unwell over the weekend and I have RSVPed to attend church?​

Oh dear. Please stay at home and rest! If you can, please WhatsApp 84219074 to cancel your ticket so that we can offer your ticket to someone else!

7. What if there are no more seats available for that week? ​

If you can’t get tickets, join the waiting list (on Eventbrite) and you will be notified when one is available. If not, please tune into the live-stream service that Sunday or try to get a spot at the weekly release of tickets at Wednesday, 5pm.

8. If I have elderly parents, should I bring them to the physical service?​

We understand that there will be some concerns among the vulnerable groups. While we encourage everyone to continue meeting physically, we will also leave it to the individual’s discretion on whether the elderly individual should come.

9. I have children below the age of 2, is there a creche available? Can I bring them into the main hall?​

We are so excited to have little ones back in church. We have a creche available at N3 instead of the main hall.  Do register yourself and your child under Cluster B ticketing so that our organisers know you are coming that week! It is essential that a parent accompanies the child for creche.

10. Is there a kids programme if I wish to bring my family to church?​

Yes! We are so excited to have kids back in church so we will have child-minding. Our kids programme will be from the ages of 5 to 12 years old. Do register yourself and your child under Cluster B ticketing so that our children leaders know you are coming that week!

11. If I have a guest who wants to attend physical church, how can I register for them?​

That is such great news! If you are rostered to attend church on a Sunday and would like to invite a guest in that same week, please register them with you from Sunday 3pm to Wednesday 5pm.

If not, do look out for our weekly release of tickets where you can register to get a seat from Wednesday 5pm to Friday 1159pm.

Do let your small group leader know about your guests and you can take them out for lunch after church!

12. Can I register my friends from other small groups to attend the same service as me since we’ve not seen each other for so long?​

Look out for our weekly Wednesday 5pm release where you can register to get a seat.

13. Can I park my car in church? ​

Sorry! At the moment we aren’t able to avail parking in church. If you have members who are less mobile, please drop them off at the church main gate, our volunteer traffic marshall will be able to assist them.

14. Will I be able to give my offering (cash and cheque) physically? ​

Yes! Do look out for our physical collection boxes in the main hall. If you can’t locate it, just ask any of our ushers who can assist you.

15. Will there be a physical bulletin for me to refer to during the service? ​

Yes, there will be printed copies of the bulletin available at the main hall! You can also scan the QR code to download a digital copy of the bulletin too.

Contact us @ 8421 9074 if you have more questions.